a little announcement about my upcoming mini series <3
my boyfriend told me that all he wants for Xmas is "some peace and quiet," but here are a bunch of other things you could get your man (or possibly your…
where and how I want to be wined and dined in 2023, plus my 3 favorite Chinatown massage parlors and a couple cute cocktail bars.
thoughts on Lensa AI and why some of the Avatars from the viral app are giving disturbing incel vibes
Info on how to join—fun, interesting icons only! 😤
thoughts Julia Fox // how the internet is riddled with misogynists in feminists' clothing
some gift ideas for all budgets (maybe send this to your boyfriend)
how Bruce Willis could have been my dad (but actually how famous people are famous because they think they should be, but also because of a lot of other…
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